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Woods Hole Marine Services

With years of marine experience we can help you with almost anything you may need to make you boating experience enjoyable and trouble free 

Safety Checks
Oil and Electrical Checks

We have mechanics on staff that can help with most mechanical repairs you might encounter and we work with other repair facility's in the area for factory warranty service work  

We can check your onboard systems and any safety equipment that could save a life in an emergency .

If you have a question stop by and we would be happy to check your Oil and test you battery and charging system. We stock most Oil and Marine fluids as well as Interstate Battery's.

Certified mooring inspections and         maintenance

Town of Falmouth certified inspectors with the capable of underwater and above water inspections. We cary US made Annie mushroom and Dor-More pyramid anchors.  

Custom Dock Fabrication

Engineerid custom built docks and floats are no problem . We have designed and built several docks around Woods Hole that have stood up to the test of time. 

Boat Storage

Winter wet storage 

Off site dry inside and outside storage 

Winterizing and Shrink wrapping 

Heading 6
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